Frequently Asked Questions

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These answers may help you see how Southern Content can help you.

Your question not here? Ask me or arrange a free, no-obligation, initial consultation.

What Can You Do For Us?

Short answer: what we decide you need. Sorry. That’s not really helping is it. Thing is, it’s the right answer to the question.

We offer solution packages for common e-business challenges. But understanding your business and what you need/want to achieve with your digital marketing is a big part of what we offer you. One size doesn’t fit all.

Wouldn’t you rather have help specifically tailored to your business’ challenges/problems?

Once we have a complete picture of your business realities and the necessary insight into how your website is performing we offer you:

Basically, reviewing your site and online marketing efforts, planning and making changes to content.

What Will You Charge Us?

That depends… We do not have an hourly rate. We have indicative pricing for standard tasks and set prices for specific deliverables. But the price we agree on will depend on your specific needs and your situation… Our goal is to offer you value and customise the work we deliver to maximise that value and minimise the cost.

Rest assured, we will never offer you things you don’t need. For us, it’s about helping you get the maximum return on your broader e-business investment… Part of the value of putting our experience to work for your business is minimising unnecessary design / development / advertising expenditure.

Give us an idea of the sort of help you need or arrange a free initial consultation to get an idea of the cost of getting me involved in your business.

How Do We Deal with the Distance Thing?

We don’t have to be in the same room to communicate effectively. We have worked on sites based all over the world from Auckland, Melbourne, Taupo, Mangawhai and now Wanaka.

Wanaka, our base, is a small town on a lake in the south of New Zealand’s South Island. If you aren’t based here (although you should consider it!), that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve your e-business goals together.

In our experience, a combination of phone, instant messaging and a willingness to work flexible hours on our part ensures effective communication and profitable outcomes.

Can You Guarantee Results?

The short answer is: no. we are, however, happy to guarantee satisfaction with our work.

That said: in nearly 17 years of e-business consulting, we’ve never faced a situation where a client requested a refund.

Why can’t you guarantee results then?

We guarantee what we control. But there are too many variables to be able to guarantee results. Any consultant will tell you that often their advice isn’t followed, recommended changes aren’t made, the end result isn’t as envisaged… There are all sorts of reasons this may happen. But I can hardly guarantee results if you don’t follow my advice.

And beyond internal reasons there are all sorts of variables we can’t control, from competitors to search engines and economic conditions…

Bottom line: We will do everything in our power to get you the results you need… Guaranteed!

(Note: you will find internet marketers guaranteeing results but we would urge you to think carefully what is being guaranteed. Search engine optimisers often guarantee top ten results for search keywords, for instance. Great. But easy to achieve for obscure terms and terms that few sites are targeting. Top ten rankings for keywords than generate little traffic and have negligible impact on your cash flow aren’t worth much.)

Your question not here? Ask me or arrange a free, no-obligation, initial consultation