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A Small Business With Extensive Corporate E-business Experience

Putting That Experience to Work for Your Business With the Right Words in the Right Places

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Southern Content is a specialist e-business consultancy applying big business experience to helping small and medium businesses succeed online.

We aim to put extensive e-business experience gained advising large organisations to work for your business. It’s all about making sure that you take the opportunities the Web offers to promote your business.

Indeed, we’re excited about working closely with you, developing a intimate understanding of your business and helping you make changes to your site that improve your results.

“There is nothing more frustrating than seeing good advice go to waste as it gets diluted or ignored in the busy inertia and competing agendas within big corporates. And we’re not talking cheap advice…

Anyway. Southern Content is all about making that same advice available and affordable for smaller businesses and working with them to implement changes and achieve results.”

Hamish Gilbertson

Hamish Gilbertson is a web content specialist, search engine optimiser (SEO), website optimiser and digital marketer with 17 years experience helping people get better results online.

In mid ’99 he was asked to run the book category of Flyingpig.co.nz, New Zealand’s ill-fated answer to Amazon.com. The year that followed was an educational ‘dot bomb’ experience.

Since then he has has been a Web word guy and analyst helping clients optimise their websites, cater to search engines and take advantage of the latest Internet marketing opportunities.

About nine years ago he became a contract search engine optimiser and digital marketing consultant. He began supplementing sub-contracting for large US companies with work for businesses in and around Wanaka, New Zealand, picturesque worldwide headquarters of Southern Content.

Southern Content, trading name of Powder Days limited, offers the same expertise and services Hamish has been offering large companies for years to small and medium businesses.

Who Else?

Others will be called in as needed to meet workflow and client requirements.