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Is your site in the shape it needs to be in to achieve online visibility by ranking in search engine results for relevant keywords?

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It couldn’t be easier. Simply email us your site details and a list of keywords you are targeting and we will assess your site against our Essentials of Search Engine Visibility checklist and get back to you within 48 hours.

Our Essentials of Search Engine Visibility Checklist?

The list includes crucial elements of a search engine friendly website. If your site has these elements then you are a long way down the the path to point where people find you when they search for the information, products or service you offer.

1. Are you indexed in major search engines?
2. Has your site achieved some link authority via achieving back links?
3. Have you chosen appropriate keywords?
4. Is your site ranked for relevant keyword phrases?
5. Is your homepage an effective introduction to your business for search engines?
6. Are you making effective use of page titles as introductions to pages for search engines and potential visitors?
7. Is your navigation search engine friendly?
8. Is your content offered in a way that search engines can assess it?
9. Are your headings recognisable, compelling and keyword-savvy?
10. Is your content keyword-rich without being keyword stuffed?

Not even sure what these questions mean? No problem. Your report will help you understand their importance and teach you a bit about search engine optimization.

No idea what keywords are relevant? No problem. I’ll identify some for you — this alone is worth the trouble (if entering your email address into a form qualifies as trouble) of requesting a report.

The answers you receive will show you:

Your Search Engine Visibility Checklist report won’t solve your search engine traffic problems. If we were offering that, you’d be right to be suspicious that this offer is to good to be true. But …

Your report offers you a big part of the solution to your search traffic problems: identifying and understanding the issues. And it will only cost you $500 (+GST). Why wouldn’t you want one?

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