Small Website Makeover

Optimise Your Site For Search Engines and People Alike

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Not enough traffic? Not enough orders/bookings/reservations? Your developer left you hanging now the site is live?

Give your site a makeover to maximize search engine visibility and conversion for just NZ$2000 (+GST).

Drawing on 17 years of website optimization and internet marketing experience, this small website optimisation report includes:

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The Normal-sized Print

  1. Offer applies to sites with less than 20 pages.
  2. Recommendations will be delivered as pdf document.
  3. Implementing recommended changes is purchasers’ responsibility.
  4. Southern Content cannot guarantee or accept responsibility for results because there are simply too many variables. (Free Advice: any SEO guaranteeing particular search rankings or results is to be treated with caution.)
  5. We can guarantee that my advice will be based on current best practice and 17 years of e-business experience.
  6. And we can guarantee your satisfaction: if you don’t think your makeover report delivers what is promised then we will be happy to refund your money.

Not sure? Contact me to discuss whether a makeover report is what you need.